My name is Jason, I’m 31 years old and I live in Mississauga, Ontario.

I tune into talk radio fairly often and lately, I’ve been hearing more and more about the struggles Ontario students are having with math.

Whatever the reason for this, it has resulted in the rise of the use of math tutors, which I know from experience (tutoring) that it can be pretty expensive for parents who just want the best for their children.

While I use to charge for math tutoring as a younger adult, I am now privileged enough to have a career that offers me financial stability. That is why I now tutor math simply for the pleasure of helping students succeed (I also actually enjoy math), and not for the money.

I am happy to offer free math tutoring for students grades 8-10 in the Mississauga, ON area. If you’re interested in receiving free math tutoring in Mississauga, feel free to contact me at jason@lifeaftermath.com.

Please note that I require a completed consent form from parents before we can begin and I only tutor in public places that have video surveillance. My favorite place is McDonald’s 🙂

Unfortunately, there are only so many people I can tutor in person, which is why I’ve set up this website. My goal is to write helpful articles and tutorials that will cover the entire Ontario math curriculum for grades 8-12. While this is my goal, please understand that I only have so much free time 😛

Hopefully, you will find some helpful information on this site. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to take them.